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The Importance of Radiology in Chiropractic Care

Understanding why there are aches and pains is critical. At LI Integrated, we use radiology to help diagnose what is going on with our patients in Ronkonkoma, NY. Dr. Bruce Berns depends on x-rays to identify why a patient is experiencing issues.


Types of Radiology Conducted

Radiology can be used in several ways within chiropractic care. With most chiropractic patients, x-rays are performed. It is possible to see spinal misalignments. From there, it will be easier to pair this with physical exams to establish what is going on.

In some instances, an MRI may also be ordered. This type of test is used to establish problems with soft tissue, such as if there is a slipped disc or to explore nerve pathology.

When the radiology tests come back, it is possible to use this information to understand what is going on. Further, we only use radiology when it is necessary.

We will not use radiology in several scenarios:

  • For exploratory purposes
  • On pregnant patients
  • To monitor how treatment is responding
  • To evaluate a recent onset of pain

While we do use radiology, it is not the only way that we diagnose. We will talk to you about the pain, when it started to show up, and perform a physical exam.

How Diagnostic Testing is Used

Diagnostic testing is used to help us understand more of what is going on. We can see if there is any physical damage that needs to be corrected. Misalignments, for example, can often be corrected using spinal decompression as well as spinal manipulation

Dr. Bruce Berns believes that every patient should be treated as an individual. Pain is different for everyone, as is the reason for the pain. Therefore, the diagnostic testing is used. It makes it possible to see how a person has been impacted – and if the pain is due to bone or to soft tissue. Massage can be used when soft tissue has been affected.

Often, customized plans span for weeks or months depending on the level of damage. It ensures that it is possible for patients to overcome the pain and regain more of their life. You could be back to your day to day activities in no time.

Call LI Integrated Today!

Chiropractic care can be the way for you to overcome aches and pains once and for all. Whether you have experienced an injury, or you have had chronic pain, Dr. Bruce Berns can work to create a customized treatment plan for you in Ronkonkoma.

Call to book your appointment with us at LI Integrated today. Once we have run radiology tests, we will have the information needed to move forward.

New patients receive a Free Back Pain Consultation.

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  • "Dr. Berns has provided me with excellent care. I'd never been to a chiropractor before and now I can't imagine going anywhere else. The entire staff is friendly and attentive. The service I was received was tailored to my needs. I recommend Dr. Berns and the whole staff at LI Integrated very highly."
    - Maureen Wilson.

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