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Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY

How Often Should You Get A Chiropractic Adjustment?

Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY

Chiropractic care helps treat existing musculoskeletal problems and provides maintenance to your body to prevent future issues. If you’re currently experiencing pain or imbalances in your body, you can benefit from seeing a Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY. However, there’s no need to stop treatment as soon as you begin to feel better. Regular chiropractic adjustments from our team at LI Integrated can help your body stay in balance and prevent reoccurring health problems. Continue reading to discover how often you should get a chiropractic adjustment. 

Why Should You See A Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is the first person patients turn to when they experience back or neck pain. For others, chiropractic care may be an alternative to otherwise ineffective interventions. There are several reasons why patients seek the services of a Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY. The most common reason is for a chiropractic adjustment to realign the vertebrae and prevent pain. 

A chiropractic adjustment will be specific to you and your body, so your chiropractor will perform a complete evaluation during your initial visit. Our chiropractor will use their hands or another small instrument to apply controlled force to a spinal joint during this treatment. This treatment aims to ensure your body’s musculoskeletal system is in proper alignment. Some of the benefits you can experience with adjustments at LI Integrated include:

  • Stress Relief.
  • Improved Posture.
  • Better Sleep.
  • Reduced Pain and Inflammation.

How Often Should You Get A Chiropractic Adjustment?

If you are unfamiliar with chiropractic adjustments, you may be wondering how often you should receive this treatment. When starting a new treatment regimen, it’s common to receive weekly adjustments. As you begin to heal, the amount of adjustments you need may decrease. You do not have to be in pain to visit a Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY. Adding regular chiropractic visits to your healthcare routine can help reduce your chances of future injuries and help you maintain optimal body function, regardless of whether or not you are currently in pain. Our chiropractor will work with you to determine how often you should receive adjustments and devise an optimal treatment plan suitable for your needs. 

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For over 30 years, our team at LI Integrated has focused on improving the health and wellness of our patients through compassionate and gentle chiropractic care. Our goal is to help patients return to a pain-free state and healthy lifestyle. To learn more about the benefits of routine chiropractic adjustments, be sure to contact our Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY today!

Is Acupuncture Good For Chronic Pain?

Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY

When you’re searching for ways to manage your chronic pain, acupuncture may not be the first treatment solution that comes to mind. However, acupuncture with our Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY has a leg up on other treatments for chronic pain due to its low risk of side effects. For those interested in a holistic approach to wellness, acupuncture at LI Integrated may be right for you.

Acupuncture for Chronic Pain 

Acupuncture is a practice that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries but has gained steam in the west in recent years. During an acupuncture session with our Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY, hair-thin needles are inserted into the skin at specific acupuncture points around the body. This virtually painless treatment is thought to correct imbalances in energy flow (qi) in the body. Dealing with chronic pain in your muscles and joints can make daily life miserable. 

Acupuncture can be a great alternative when standard treatments like physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications fail to yield results. When performed by a professional, this treatment offers numerous benefits. It has been shown to deliver optimal results without the risks and side effects associated with more traditional chronic pain treatments. In addition to reducing your chronic pain, acupuncture may have these additional benefits:

  • Reduced stress - Stress is a common trigger for pain. Acupuncture can help reduce your stress levels by restoring energy balance and triggering the nervous system functions. 
  • Headache relief - Patients with chronic migraines and headaches seeking alternative treatments may find relief with acupuncture treatments. 
  • Improved sleep - When your body’s energy is balanced, and your nervous system is stimulated properly, it becomes easier to fall asleep at night. Better sleep also leads to improved energy levels, which can help you feel more productive at work and home.
  • Improved immune system - Acupuncture can help boost the activity of your immune system cells that destroy infections and irregularities. 

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If you are having a hard time managing your chronic pain or other health issues with conventional treatment methods, our Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY may be right for you. At LI Integrated, we address several different conditions with this holistic approach. If you are interested in trying the healing wonders of acupuncture, be sure to contact our team today to schedule an appointment! 

What Does Decompressing Your Spine Do?

Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY

Lasting neck and back pain can be very disruptive to your daily life. This pain can often be attributed to abnormalities in the discs in the spinal column. If you are suffering from severe back and neck pain, our Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY at LI Integrated can employ a non-surgical treatment known as spinal decompression to ease pinched nerves and restore normal function to get you back to a pain-free life. Continue reading to learn more about this treatment and discover if it’s suitable for you. 

What is Spinal Decompression?

Non-surgical spinal decompression is a form of motorized traction used at LI Integrated to help relieve back pain. Spinal decompression gently stretches the spine and changes the position and force of the spine. These changes take pressure off of the discs by creating negative pressure in the disc. As a result, spinal decompression may cause herniated or bulging discs to retract, thus taking pressure off of the nerves and the surrounding structures. This non-invasive treatment helps facilitate disc healing by promoting the movement of oxygen, water, and nutrient-rich fluids into the discs. Our Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY has used spinal decompression to treat the following conditions:

  • Neck Pain.
  • Back Pain.
  • Sciatica.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease.
  • Bulging or Herniated Discs.
  • Posterior Facet Syndrome.
  • Diseased or Injured Spinal Nerve Roots.

Spinal decompression is often used in conjunction with other chiropractic treatment modalities to provide patients with well-rounded care. 


Spinal decompression performed by our Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY is non-invasive and involves the use of our DRX 9000 spinal decompression table. The mechanized table applies a flexion-distraction force to pull the vertebrae slightly apart, and the resulting pressure shifts herniated or bulging discs back into proper placement. This technique also helps bulging discs replenish their fluid supply, restoring some of their height and easing joint stress. Depending on the degree of herniation, you may be required to return for additional sessions. However, this treatment is safe, effective, and painless, making it an excellent alternative to treating disc issues. Spinal decompression is often combined with other chiropractic treatments like ultrasound therapy, heat or cold therapy, and electrical stimulation. It’s best to consult with our team to determine if you are a good candidate for non-surgical spinal decompression. Those with the following conditions may not be ideal candidates for decompression:

  • Fracture.
  • Tumor.
  • Pregnancy
  • Metal implants in the spine. 
  • Advanced osteoporosis. 

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When you’re suffering from debilitating back and neck pain, you are likely looking for solutions to free yourself from pain and regain control of your life. At LI Integrated, our Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY provides non-invasive spinal decompression as an alternative to back surgery. To learn more about this treatment or schedule an appointment, be sure to contact us today! 

How Do You Strengthen Your Spine?

Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY

Persistent back pain can be disruptive to your daily life. If you’re dealing with chronic back pain, strengthening your spine and core muscles can potentially improve your symptoms and boost your spine health. At LI Integrated, Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY our team is dedicated to helping you live comfortably by working to eliminate your back pain. 

Importance of Spine Health

Your spine health is imperative to the health of your entire body. A weak or unhealthy spine can lead to various unwelcome issues and disrupt the peripheral nervous system. The spine acts as a pillar of support for your body, and having a strong and healthy spine can even provide the following:

  • Crucial flexibility in the lower back and neck that allows us to twist and bend. 
  • Core strength is provided by the supportive muscles, discs, joints, bones, and connective tissue that allow us to sit or stand up straight and walk with ease. 
  • Protection for the nerves and spinal cord to relay messages to the brain and the rest of the body. 

Visiting a chiropractor regularly can make a significant difference in your spine health, but there are things you can do outside of the office to help strengthen your spine. Contact our Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY today!

Strengthening The Spine

The spine is a complex and well-engineered system, but it is not invincible. Whether it’s strained muscles, a herniated disc, or other injuries, it can be challenging to navigate your life with back pain. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to help keep your spine healthy and strong:

  • Rest your spine while sleeping - Rest is crucial to your spine health, so make the most of this time by using a mattress and pillows that comfortably support your spine. 
  • Maintain good posture - It’s easy to neglect your posture, especially if you have to sit behind a desk all day. Maintaining good posture reduces stress on the spine and the supporting structures that protect the spinal cord. Sitting or standing straight helps your spine feel better and can even improve your energy, breathing, and digestion. 
  • Exercise regularly - Exercising and stretching for a few minutes every day is good for your body and spine. Our team can show you beneficial activities and stretches targeted to improve the strength and health of your spine. The core muscles need to be strong to support your spine and take pressure off of your back. 

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At LI Integrated, Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY we offer several different treatments to help with back pain and improve the overall health of your spine. We employ hands-on, non-invasive treatment to adjust the spine and release the pressure that causes pain. To learn more about how you can strengthen your spine, or schedule an appointment with our chiropractor, contact us today! 

How To Know If Sciatica Is Getting Worse

Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY

Sciatica is a chronic condition that stems from inflammation, irritation, compression, or pinching of the sciatic nerve. While sciatica can be quite painful, it typically resolves on its own over time. However, if you find that your sciatica is not improving, you may be unknowingly triggering your sciatica. At LI Integrated, we offer Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY to help our patients find consistent relief from sciatica pain. Continue reading to learn more about how you can tell if your sciatica is getting worse and what factors contribute to this phenomenon. 

Is My Sciatica Getting Worse?

Sciatica is a term that refers to pain caused by the sciatic nerve. This condition can stem from various causes, including pinched nerves, bone spurs, and herniated discs. Sciatica pain usually improves over time, but chronic sciatica causes ongoing pain. Here are some potential ways you could be triggering your sciatica and making it worse:

  • Sitting - Sitting is an activity that places significant pressure on your lower back, glutes, and sciatic nerve. Sitting for prolonged periods can trigger sciatica pain and worsen the condition. Moving around promotes blood flow to the area and gives the nerve a break. If you work at a desk, take a short walk around every hour to stretch tight areas in the lower body. 
  • Uncomfortable Shoes - If you are a fan of fancy footwear and can’t seem to get rid of your sciatica pain, your shoes can be the culprit of your discomfort. High heels can change your weight distribution and put pressure on the front of your feet. This can cause you to push your hips forward. Standing or walking with your pelvis pushed forward puts stress on your hamstrings and stretches them. Since the sciatic nerve is close to the hamstrings, this stretching can damage the nerve. Wear supportive and comfortable shoes to avoid this occurrence. 
  • Inactivity and Extra Weight - Persistent sciatica pain is common if you don’t exercise and are overweight. Excess weight in the mid-section can put a strain on the lower back and pelvis. Lack of physical activity can also make your pain worse in the long run. Attending Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY can help you find an effective exercise routine that helps you lose weight and incorporate exercises into your daily routine to help you ease pain and stop triggering your sciatica.

LI Integrated - Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY

At LI Integrated, our dedicated team will identify what factors exacerbate your sciatica pain and determine the appropriate treatment. If you are interested in taking charge of your sciatica pain, schedule an appointment with our Physical Therapist in Ronkonkoma NY today. 

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