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How Can You Minimize Back Pain At Work?

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If you spend most of your time sitting down behind a desk, you’re probably not a stranger to frequent back pain. If your job requires you to bend and twist frequently, you may be even more prone to developing back pain. Whether it’s a dull ache or shooting pain, back pain can make it difficult to concentrate on your job. Regardless of your occupation, our chiropractor near Islandia at LI Integrated is here to help. Continue reading to learn how you can minimize your back pain at work! 

Minimize Back Pain at Work

Back pain can be prevented or reduced in the office by improving your posture and implementing proper workplace ergonomics. Practicing safe movements can also keep pain at bay. If you start to develop back pain, visiting a chiropractor in Islandia can offer some relief. Consider these tips for minimizing or preventing back pain at work:

  • Adjust Your Workstation - Adjusting your work environment allows you to care for your back properly. Whether you sit at a desk or any other station, you’ll need to set up your space so that you are comfortable working for long periods. 

  • Good Posture - While workplace ergonomics are essential, maintaining your spine healthy requires active muscle to maintain good posture. Slouching strains the structures in your back, and over time, the amount of stress on your spine can affect other areas of your body. Our chiropractor near Islandia can help you make postural adjustments to alleviate persistent back pain. 

  • Modify Tasks - When lifting a heavy object, make sure to use proper body mechanics to avoid straining your back. If you perform repetitive tasks, try to alternate demanding tasks. 

  • Take Breaks - Slouching and other poor postures become more likely as muscles tire. Get up frequently and take breaks throughout the day to stretch, stand or walk to relieve extra pressure on your neck and back.

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Adjusting your environment and personal habits can help significantly reduce the stress on your back over your lifetime. At LI Integrated, our chiropractor near Islandia is here to address the cause of your back pain and effectively treat the issue firsthand. Be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment for chiropractic care. 

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