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  • Chiropractic Treatment for Sinus Infections
    Chiropractic Treatment for Sinus Infections What is a sinus infection?  Sinuses are hollow cavities in the facial bone of the human skull located above the brow, bridge of the nose, and beneath Read more
  • Chiropractic Care for Pinched Nerves
    What are pinched nerves?  A pinched nerve  is a term used to describe a specific type of damage where a nerve or set of nerves are compressed or constricted as a Read more
  • Relieving Pain from Facet Syndrome
    Facet joint syndrome is pain located at the joints between two vertebrae in your spine. Facet joints are what makes your back flexible and helps enable you to bend and twist. Read more
  • October is Chiropractic Health Month!
    October on Long Island is the perfect time to recognize and raise public awareness to the benefits of using a chiropractor for back ailments. While medication may be necessary for Read more
  • Suffolk County Workers Comp Chiropractor
    Worker’s compensation is a form of wage replacement, insurance, and medical benefits for workers who are injured on the job and can no longer work. The Worker’s Compensation Board is Read more
  • The Benefits of Ligament Laxity Analysis for Cervical Spine Instability
    Cervical Spine Instability is commonly caused by neck arthritis or degenerative changes that can occur in the cervical spine. Symptoms of this injury include back spasms or back and neck Read more
  • Suffolk County No-Fault Insurance Chiropractor
    No-fault insurance is when your auto insurance company pays for any damages that affects you  regardless of who is at fault. In the state of New York, you are automatically Read more
  • Learn How Our Spinal Decompression Therapy Machine Can Help You
    Are you suffering from back pain and other chronic conditions near Ronkonkoma? Spinal decompression therapy may be able to help. This motorized form of therapy gently stretches the spine by Read more
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Chiropractic Care
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects 4-10 million Americans each year and is known as the most common nerve disorder. It is located at the wrist, on the palm side of the Read more
  • How Custom Orthotics Can Help Your Spine
    We don’t often think about it, but our feet play a very important role in our overall well-being and health. The feet lay the foundation for our entire body, carrying Read more
  • Is Electrical Stimulation the Right Treatment for You?
    If chiropractic adjustments have not been enough, electrical muscle stimulation in Ronkonkoma could be right for you. At Connetquot Chiropractic, electrical stimulation therapy is offered to many patients in need Read more
  • Is spinal decompression right for you?
    Are you someone who experiences frequent back pain, making it difficult to do everyday activities? If you are and have not visited a chiropractor in Ronkonkoma, you may be missing Read more
  • Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments
    Is your back pain unbearable? Are you tired of taking painkillers that are not helping at all? Maybe it is time you considered seeing a chiropractor for a chiropractic adjustment Read more
  • Ligament Laxity caused by a Car Accident
    Ligament laxity occurs when the ligaments that surround your joints become too flexible. While a key function of your ligaments is to assist your spine maintain mobility, too much movement Read more
  • 2017 Best Chiropractor on Long Island
    Best of Long Island identifies the highest quality businesses and services throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County. There are 16 categories that each business or service can fall under. The Read more
  • Sitting Disease
    What is Sitting Disease?Sitting is considered worse than smoking to some, sitting is also considered a disease, and it can potentially even kill you. Sitting for extended periods is linked Read more

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