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How Can Nutritional Counseling Help Me?

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How Can Nutritional Counseling Help Me?

Many people look at nutritional counseling as more of a luxury rather than a necessity. What they don’t realize though, is how helpful it actually can be. For nutritional counseling, this counseling aims to treat nutritional imbalances. These imbalances can sometimes cause psychological problems as well as physical problems. When you visit a nutritional counselor, you’ll be put on a therapeutic diet plan along with a suggested list of supplements specific to your condition. If you’re someone who feels they would benefit from a nutritional counseling program, look no further than our chiropractor near Holbrook, Dr. James Lambert. At Connetquot Chiropractic, Dr. James Lambert can assess your situation and place you on a structured nutritional program based on your needs.

Benefits of nutritional counseling

About 70 percent of all deaths in the United States are related to the person's lifestyle in some way. Besides learning which diet works best or what supplements can help give you an extra boost, what else does nutritional counseling have to offer? There are a few benefits that come along with the use of a nutritional counselor including:

- Weight loss
- Helping those suffering from various allergies
- Helping your performance when it comes to your sport
- Speeding up the recovery time from an injury
- Preventing the need for medications
- Preventing the need for surgery
- Guiding women through healthy pregnancies

Aside from these lifestyle benefits, nutritional counseling can also benefit those suffering from diseases such as:  

- High cholesterol
- Diabetes
- Hypertension
- Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
- Celiac disease

What to expect from a chiropractor near Holbrook

At Connetquot Chiropractic, your nutritional counseling will be based solely on you and your needs. We will provide nutritional supplements and a diet filled with healthy food options that will help you get back on track. To start, you’ll most likely have to attend a few sessions so that your counselor can find the perfect plan for you. During the first few appointments, you’ll establish goals, objectives, and reasons for why you think nutritional counseling is going to help you. Going over your daily routines, like what you eat or when you exercise, will help us figure out what to add to your dietary plan. Once all the questions have been answered, our staff will be able to come up with the best plan to get you eating healthier based on your preferences and lifestyle.

Everybody wants to be healthy, so why not make an appointment for nutritional counseling with our chiropractor near Holbrook? The sooner you set up an appointment with Dr. James Lambert, the sooner you’ll be able to live your best and healthiest life!

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